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Even in the Rain Push!

So today is really a dreary day as its raining off and on again but hey nothing is gonna stop me from reaching my goals. Im still losing we...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Even in the Rain Push!

So today is really a dreary day as its raining off and on again but hey nothing is gonna stop me from reaching my goals. Im still losing weight and I feel great. I have so far gotten my sister and best friend to join in on this journey with me. I tell you, there may be times where you have to go at your journey alone but its truly a blessing to have others on the same journey for support. I find that we are learning about ourselves all over again and helping each other with accountability. My sister just had a baby almost 4 months ago and is trying to lose 50lbs and Im not sure how much my best  friend is trying to lose but my goal is to lose 145lbs. So as you can see we are all at a place where its going to require some work. I know that I have a blogg but Im hoping to inspire others who have lost hope and want to lose but dont know where to start. So here is what we are doing. Meats; chicken,  tilapia fish, turkey ground, and salmon (all meat measured for each serving 4oz) that means only 4 oz of meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes it will be enough cause you'll be eating tons of veggies; broccoli, green beans, spinach, kale, salad with cucumbers and tomatoes (Italian dressing or vinegar base dressing & not too much with oil content) carrots, and zucchini, squash and other plant base foods. Fruit salads so that you dont consume to much of one fruit; blueberries,pine apples, bananas  (1/2 in salad) grapes (few) strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, apples, mangos etc. Misc.foods for snacking; granola (little) to go in yogurt, light mozzarella sticks, almonds, walnuts, smoothies made with almond milk with guava nectar now of course you cant have all these at one time but you should have two snacks one mid-day between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. MEAL PREP IS ESSENTIAL TO THIS PLAN!!! Dont wait until your hungry and try to fix food... Have it already made so you dont fall off.  Cut off time to eat is 6:00p and if its a special occasion 7:00p. No resting with food on the tummy and inability to work it off. Ok water water water!!! No sugary drinks, juices, or other beverages!!! Wanna spice your water up add fruit !!! Or cucumber and lemon for a refreshing taste. 30-1hour of exercise daily until you build up a tolerance then go for more. For heavier people start out walking there is no excuse!!!! I dont care if you go slow just Move! You'll not only see an improvement after a week but will notice that you are able to go a little further. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!! FOLLOW THESE FOODS AND WATCH THE WEIGHT FALL OFF I HAVE!!!!
Through My Eyes

Gone too long

Hello my fellow bloggers and readers. Im back!!!.... I can't say I've  been successful losing my ultimate goal weight I however been blessed to have lost 35 pounds and have found it to be more difficult than I thought. Anyone who's ever had an issue with weight knows my struggles. First, it's not easy waking up every morning, with a mindset to be motivated to be active.
 Still hurting from the day befores workout it is rather distressing and discouraging. I often still think when I have had a hard day working out, "How did I let myself get this far out of control?" This is one of many questions I have asked myself as the beads of sweat drip down my forehead and my body aches from not being able to carry on another repetition of an agonizing exercise....ugh..... Can I be transparent real quick and go on a tangent? Why can't I have the best of both worlds? 
I didn't get over-weight overnight, totally get it but I like to eat no use in lying about it. I don't like just one particular sort of food I like a variety. While some people get the luxury of eating whatever the hell they want and not have to worry about their figure then you have others like me who have to count calories, count carbs, and starve to even come close to fitting in a pair of good-looking jeans. I don't want to do sit ups. I don't want to do burpees. I don't want to do jumping jacks. I don't want to run until my lungs jump up my throat and pimp slap me!!!! 
Can't anything just be easy!!!  Ive always liked the outdoors (don't get me wrong) and even thought "Maybe I can make exercising fun by walking and hiking!" Big whoopie!! NOT!
 Why is it that everytime you get the mindset to do something great like that great walk that maybe 2 miles, at first your feeling great about yourself and even holding your head up just a-smiling and then lo and behold the super fit people start zipping past you jogging..... breathing all calmly not out of breath, not showing any sign of pain, & matter of fact every hair still in place gliding ever so gracefully through the wind....... you get the picture right?.....   then slowly your smile fades, you start to slow down and time just seems to stands still.......while you're sucking up air and try not to choke on the swarm of gnats you just walked through and gulped down......and yep trying to still look a little cute. Maybe thats just my story all the time...
Anyways,  I'm still on this journey yes the ups, downs, good, & bad. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Found an awesome Recipe

Im not sure about anybody else but my issue with my weightloss journey thus far is that, I cant ever figure out what to eat!!! Ugh I get bored and have found out (about myself if you can imagine) that I generally dont stick to a healthier diet if I get bored with eating rabbit food or anything similar!!! Ok look the way I look at it is, I'm a big girl and I didn't get this way eating salads (I love them just not every dang day!! Gesh!!) that way and so how am I expecting myself to stick with that!!!! On top of that my idea of a salad is very different from healthy.....Dont act like Im the only one with this problem..... What do you mean you say??? Well, I'm  glad you asked..... (My salad)
Ok so first I start off with salad green mix, cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, banana peppers...then the really good part!!! Ranch dressing, CHEESE shredded and lots of it Thanks!!, and maybe even a little greek crumbs and maybe just a little more shredded cheese....MMmm.. oh yeah and a little carrot (sigh) Oh wait DONT FORGET THE CROUTONS!!!CROUTONS!! CROUTONS!!! Hopefully by now you see why I cant eat it everyday... Its not healthy for me!!! So Now, knowing this about myself I did a little digging and decided to look up healthier options and found a recipe I'm trying tonight Yay!! Im sharing the link here in my blog so feel free to take a glance and maybe even try it with me!! Tonight on the menu is Almond Crusted Tilapia, steamed lemon pepper spinach, and a baked sweet potatoe Yummy Right?? I thought so too!! NOM!!! IM HUNGRY ALREADY!! Anyway, Thanks for reading and feel free to respond back.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sometimes its hard to be positive!!

Sometimes its hard to remain in a happy positive place all the time. I have so much to be thankful for but sometimes its  a struggle. I think this summer has been challenging for me, partly because I had my plans and life had its and just kicked me to the curve. I set a goal or goals keep in mind and I have been stressed to the max reaching them. Ok like, I set out to exercise everyday and focus on being more active and it went down the drain as soon as I am awaken all nights of the hour of my kids breaking my rest every night along with a host of crazziness Ugh... ok so now the cranky bear gets up early too and has to make breakfast. Keep in mind this has been an on-going thing since Summer has started. I also took on another responsibility watching my 8 year old cousin to be a support to my family back at home in Oklahoma. Oh never mind that I live in California!! Lol I know!! So here I have my 2 small sons and a now little girl and its like a mad house. I have everything from ear aches, tummy aches, rashes, head aches, foot aches, every ache you can imagine in a matter of a few weeks. So as you can imagine I have been stressed to high holy hell if that is even possibly clear!! So my diet......or eating habit has been crappy. I have managed to exercise a little but compared to what my goal was.... I totally suck big time!! I did get a little break and went to Vegas where I came back a 5 pounds lighter from all the damn walking on the strip we did. Sounds good huh?? I put that back on as soon as I came back to deal with a family brawl!! I had more family in town. Have you ever been happy to see people come and happy to see them leave ok thats where I was and am at now. I gotta get my emotions in check. One thing I learned about myself throughout this week is that I care for people (family) so much I push myself to the back all the time. I'm more of the mother hen keeping things in check around me while my shit falls a part. I gotta stop doing this to myself. Those same family folk aint around when I need them most either so why do I take myself through this?????Today I got to pick myself up for tomorrow is another day to begin again. Doing this shit for me for positive gains!!!
Stay on this journey with me and I promise we will come out on top!

No one said it would be easy and it so hard at times to stay positive but PUSH!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Muscle ache and body pain!!!

So the last few days have been quite eventful. Since having company here in my home, things have been different. I have not only been able to work out but have been able to monitor my intake. This journey I must say it's quite hard. I've done a lot of things in my life with success and ease, however this remains to be my greatest challenge. When you're working out and you can hear your heart beating through your ears, you wonder why did you let yourself get this far gone. Looking back over my life minus birthing my children; I could definitely see how I could have been more active. It's no one else's fault but my own. Sure I can blame it on genetics, blame it on family upbringing ( traditional habits) and even find an excuse to say well I had 2 kids; in the end I'm the only one who can be blamed and also the only one who can fix the problems concerning my journey. There was a time that you would never have gotten me to put my business or anything personal out there on the line; but I'm blogging because it holds me accountable for not only the things that I say but also keeps me accountable for the things that I'm tracking in order to change. I guess in a way blogging is a mirror you see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the real me.
I've been spending a lot of time at the beach I can not only center myself but get a great workout. When I get home I'm satisfied with the work that I have put in I feel great and have the deep desire to keep going.  After a good workout zI really have no desire to put bad food in, this is why I must keep exercising. I really am tired of this weight!! I can't take it no more!!! I really got to Push!!!!!
Who ever is reading this and you have the same struggles; know that you are not alone!!! Im here to encourage you and myself along this path.  You have a friend in me. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lets Be truthful!!!!!

Today I had a little help from a family member (lil sister) she whip my butt working out today. Omg I have never felt like I wanted to throw up so bad!!! She told me not to eat but crazy me insisted that I must have two small pan cakes and a small piece of turkey sausage. I know some may say you are not serious enough but I am!!! Others may say that was nothing and it was ok to eat a good breakfast in the A.M. to provide energy..... ok maybe not that type of meal and I know I could have done better for sure but I said all that to say that it kicked my butt!!! My workout was made extremely difficult because of the heaviness I felt running besides the weight I am lugging.
Did I mention that my sister is military??? Yeah I know!!! I should have known better!!!!!! Next time I will listen attentivley.
So we ran 2 miles! I WASN'T READY!!! IN MY KEVIN HART VOICE!!!
We were on the beach and I was tryin to save face and not appear to look like a total loser but I couldn't breathe so after awhile I was like screw this and pushed harder and was ok with stopping when I needed. Tourist from all over the world and here I was, giving my all and what would have  been an insecurity, was actually self gratifying to know I could push past people looking at me.

In fact there were people all over from all walks of life and more than a few could have used being out there right along with me!! Oh well I'll keep going until I reach the top!! Yes I messed up and had to fix it. I burned 800+ calories in my workout and felt awesome and tired all in one!! No better feeling knowing I did it for me!!! So when will you start? Lets do it together!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm Just Saying (IJS) No Excuses!!

Hello friends its been a minute since my last blog but I'm still on this weight-loss journey. This journey has been far from easy I'll tell you. I am sad to announce that since my last blog, I have only lost about 21 lbs. Ok so you know that thing called "LIFE".... Well yeah that's what happened..... Nope!! Not gonna make no excuses or place blame on anyone but myself. I have the same problem that most people have.... I"ll start off great but then I fall off!!!! Once I have fallen on off, like a child who has fallen off a bike discourages them to get back up and start again. I have let many things take my focus off "Me."  I started a new job shortly after I wrote my first blog. The job as an ER nurse was exciting yet very stressful so you know my good eating habits went out the window. Then my family and I decided that we would take a job offer that was given to relocate to California. Yes that within itself was very stressful as we had only 3 weeks after the offer to decide and pack up. As you can see my life has been short of easy breezy...... Ok so the good that has come from this is that I have met a great goup friends since being here. They are very motivating and health conscious!!!
I think this is may be the accountability besides my blogging that I need. Oh yeah I also started an Instagram (IG) account, that I also use to post pics and tract my activities/transformations. If you are on there follow me at "jazzynesha81" and I definitely will follow back. I love IG because I have met so many people on there that offer support by posting food, snacks, other healthy alternatives and give great advice. If you don't have IG go and download the app on your phone at the App store, its totally free and easy to sign up. We can motivate each other!!!!! I would love to interact with my followers so come on!!!! :)
I am making it a goal to blog if not everyday at least once a week to let you know how this journey is treating me. I think its very important to be able to look back to see how far you've come once you have passed a miles-stone/goal. I think it is also great that others who read will be inspired to get up and get started, not to give up, to keep going, or to even stay motivate once you have reached your goals. Let me just end with this; sometimes times when I blog it will get gritty as I have to be truthful about my feelings and what I'm going through but I will vow to be myself but maintain my dignity so come on lets do this together.
                                 THIS WILL BE MY YEAR OF VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!